Freeze-Dried Boysenberries - white choc

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Bursting with New Zealand goodness, we freeze dry the whole berries to seal in the special taste and crunchy texture. Paired with a dollop of white chocolate, these Little Beauties are a delightfully moreish treat which you’ll find hard to put down.

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An invitation to take the pungent, sweet tasting boysenberry and marry it with premium white chocolate cannot be ignored. From the crunch and freshness of the bold berry to the sublime creamy sweetness of the white chocolate, every layer compliments the other.


Boysenberries are highly nutritious foods which contain several essential vitamins and minerals. They are antioxidant rich fruits, which help in preventing cell damage and support new cell growth. Boysenberries also contain a significant amount of fibre that aids in good digestion and smooth bowel movements.

Excellent source of 
Prebiotic Fibre

Ample Vitamin K value

Good source of Calcium

2g Dietry Fibre

51mcg Folate

220mg Potassium

Featured Recipe

Boysenberry Gin Sour

Such a delicious summer drink. Yum!

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Rose's Pick

WOW these are amazing... when I opened the packet I couldn’t stop eating them.. then the packet was empty.. LUCKY for me I had bought 4 packets and recieved an extra packet free. Everyone I have shown them to have become as addicted to them as I am.. AMAZING!


These Little Beauties have excellent crunch flavour and ease of use. They're a great addition to a salad and have slightly crumbled them as a topping for a salad or cake. Very versatile to use.


I bought this berries for my friend who is quite “challenged” with her health at the moment. So dietary issues are big for her at the moment. A friend gave me a few sachets of your berries which I shared with my friend……..Well, she totally loved eating them..,..therefore my purchase for her to ENJOY.