Freeze-Dried Feijoa

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The feijoa (pronounced Fee-jo-ah in New Zealand) is one of our country's best kept secrets. Deliciously sweet, aromatic and bursting with New Zealand goodness, we air dry the peeled slices of feijoa to seal in the special taste and chewy texture.

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Crunchy bites with a complex sweet, tangy fizz provides a fruity aftertaste. Think guava crossed with a pineapple; pleasantly fragrant with a slight floral tone. There’s an occasional flavoursome blend of sweet and sour succulence that pronounces this unique, concentrated flavour of this iconic kiwi fruit.

Feijoa Health Benefits

Feijoas are filled with antioxidant-rich vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin K, 
as well as plenty of great minerals including calcium and magnesium. Not only do they support your general health, they are also filled with fiber so you’ll feel full for longer.

Excellent source of 
Prebiotic Fibre

More Potassium than
 a banana

Good source of Vitamin C

2g Dietary fibre

48mcg folate

120mg Potassium

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Dried Feijoa and coconut Granola

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Kayla's Pick

Feijoa are one of my favourite fruits and these did not disappoint. I expected slices so was pleasantly surprised that they were in fact wedges. Nice crunch and then they seem to dissolve in your mouth. Very moreish.


I bought some feijoas to send to my sister in the USA. I had to try some to make sure they were worth the cost of postage. Needless to say that they didn’t quite make it to the post office. Ended up buying some more and got sent direct so that they would get there. Feedback from USA is “fabulous”.


Probably the thing I miss most about not being in New Zealand is the no longer multitude of Feijoa's available each year ... Then I heard about little beauties ... Oh My God!!!!! ... When the package arrived I immediately started to salivate, and it didn't stop until I had opened the first packet and tried them .... The taste was so intense, I could not stop at one. Family have received some of my purchase (yes, that is how good I am) and now I need to order some more ... Would I recommend it???? ... Absoblimminlutely