The Health Benefits Of Freeze Dried Fruits and Dried Fruits

Piles of delicious Little Beauties dried fruits

We all know it’s important to eat fruit but most of us are so busy we forget all about it. At Little Beauties we have the perfect solution with our freeze dried and air dried fruits that will help you get more fruit into your daily diet. Our high quality dried fruits contain essential minerals and immune boosting vitamins but not only that; they taste so good too. Conveniently packed in our resealable and recyclable pouch they’re the ultimate healthy snack on the go, in the office, to pop into the lunchbox, at home or ferrying the kids here, there and everywhere.  

Dried Gold Kiwi | High In Vitamin C and Potassium

If you love kiwi then you’ll really love dried gold kiwi especially if you like chewy, sweet treats.  They’re a fantastic healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth because they satisfy that sugar craving naturally and kids love them too.  Little Beauties source only the highest quality gold kiwi from New Zealand to make this delicious snack because our main goal was to create a healthy snack option that tastes great without compromising on taste or health benefits. Did you know gold kiwi is rich in Vitamin C and Potassium? One of the biggest benefits of Vitamin C is it’s incredible immune boosting properties and Potassium is an essential mineral that acts as a great regulator for overall health and wellbeing.   Our drying process packs in all the goodness into a bite sized snack that is perfect for that 3pm slump at the office or at home, or whether you’re stuck in traffic and just need a delicious pick me up to get you through the day. Because our dried fruits are conveniently packed away in a resealable, recyclable pouch you can enjoy this delicious healthy snack any time; any where.  They make amazing additions to lunchboxes, cereals, baking or a fruit platter too. 

Freeze Dried Boysenberries | Natural Or Dipped In White Chocolate

Now we don’t have to tell you just how great boysenberries are because we know they were originally created right here in the good old U.S of A. but we’ve added our own, unique New Zealand twist to them. If you love natural sweet tart flavours then you’ll absolutely love our dried boysenberries because they really are a taste sensation packed full of flavour and goodness.  

You can choose from natural or dipped in white chocolate if you feel like something a bit special.  Boysenberries are considered a superfood berry because they have a good amount of fibre, Vitamin K plus iron, calcium and potassium; all essential minerals. 

You can eat them as a healthier sweet treat or we highly recommend you try mixing them up in a smoothie or yogurt. We think they’re about to become your new favourite snack!

Dried Feijoa | Discover The Real Taste of New Zealand!

Let us introduce you to a completely new and exciting taste sensation - dried Feijoa.  

Now you might not have tried feijoa before but let us tell you that once you have given them a try, we promise you’ll be back for more. One of our most popular dried fruits especially for our expats all around the world, feijoa is their nostalgic trip down memory lane.  Dried feijoa has a unique, special taste and the good news is they are full of healthy goodness too.  

Packed with antioxidant rich Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Vitamin K you know you’re doing the right thing snacking on these. They also have plenty of essential minerals too like magnesium and calcium so your health and wellbeing is getting a delicious tasty boost everytime you snack away. If you like tasty, healthier foods and you’re searching for a healthier snack then we encourage you to try our dried feijoa because this exotic fruit is much-loved by kiwis all around the world and we can’t be wrong - right? If you like discovering an exciting new world full of exotic flavors and unique tastes and you are searching for that perfect healthy snack our dried feijoas tick all the boxes from the place we call home to yours. 

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