Life Hacks & Quick Healthy Snacks. The Amazing Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruit For Kids!

Some Little Beauties Gold Kiwi with crayons

Ok we’re about to let you into a little secret and show you some amazing healthy snack hacks for the kids and of course you mums and dads too!  

Full of all the good stuff and none of the bad, our freeze dried kiwis, boysenberries and more are bursting with New Zealand goodness and that’s got to be good right?  So come with us and we’ll have you sighing with relief because your precious angels are not only getting yummy treats and snacks but they’re nutritious and delicious too.

Health Hacks & Quick Snacks For The Fussy Eater

We feel your pain - it’s so stressful trying to feed a fussy eater.  You could have one kid that literally eats anything and the next one won’t touch anything so we’ve got a couple of healthy life hacks for you to get your fussy eater eating healthier 

  • Try a fun game of hide and seek.  Wrap up individual slices of freeze dried kiwi and make up 6 - 7 clues that your little Einstein needs to solve.  Every time they solve the clue they get to unwrap a delicious dried kiwi fruit to chew and chew. The good news is they’re so focused on solving the clue they have completely forgotten they’ve just eaten something packed full of potassium and Vitamin C and other natural nutrients.  All the good stuff and none of the bad!  It’s a great way to get out of the house too so escape those four walls and go have some fun outdoors with your fussy eater
  • To get our kids eating broccoli we used to create a mash potato mountain and stick the broccoli in like trees and then pretend that the crumbed chicken were dinosaurs eating the broccoli “trees”.  It worked a treat.  Why don’t you try something similar with dried kiwi?  Here’s an idea for you - pop a few pieces of dried kiwi in a yoghurt pot, tell your little one to close their eyes and tell them ready, steady, go - let’s do a treasure hunt to find the pot of gold (kiwi!).  Praise them every time they find one and they’ll be so tickled pink with how clever they are they’ll be asking for more and more
  • And last but definitely not least; instead of sprinkling sugar over cereal sprinkle freeze dried boysenberries instead.  Not only do they taste great but they turn the milk pink which kids love to see and taste of course!  Just like a berry milkshake but only healthier

Who’s Your Next Gordan Ramsey? Health Hacks For Mini Chefs

Kids love nothing better than getting their hands dirty and baking is usually a firm favourite.  Using dried fruit in your baking is a wonderful health hack because all your kids see are cakes whilst you see a big dollop of natural goodness. The drying process that creates freeze dried fruits traps all the essential vitamins and nutrients you need from fruit plus it’s packed full of flavour so perfect for baking up a storm.

Muffins can be whizzed up in minutes and straight in the oven for morning tea or how about instead of chocolate chip cookies; make up your own recipe and make some of your own kiwi chip cookies instead?  How about running a competition to see who can come up with their very own dried fruit recipe and have a cook off? It keeps the kids entertained whilst you might even have 5 minutes to pour yourself a nice cup of the coffee and have a rest for a bit.  It won’t be long we know but it will be so worth it.

Smooth Sailing With Smoothies

Aren’t smoothies just the best invention ever! Just imagine the joy you’ll feel when you create a beautiful smoothie with dried boysenberries, kiwi and more?  Whiz it all up and grab the biggest, brightest reusable straw and let your kid take a break from all that homeschooling and relax in front of a good movie.  They’ll be sucking up all that delicious goodness chilling out while you can sit back too and give yourself a big pat on the back for surviving another day of adulting.  Well done you mama and papa - you’re smashing it right about now! 

PS If you’re after a healthier tonic too you can use our dried fruit to create a delicious tea.  Just soak your piece of dried fruit in a cup of boiling water and you have created a real tonic.  If you prefer ice tea; just let it cool and pop in the fridge for later.  You could create all sorts of tasty tonics like dried boysenberry and lemon or how about dried kiwi and apple? Have a go - because you deserve fun and healthy goodness too!

Dried fruits are such a great way to take your kids healthy, snacking habits to the next level. With no artificial colours and flavours; they’re an amazing snack full of vitamins and minerals. 

As they grow and develop and understand what foods are good and bad for them, you’re helping to create healthier food habits that will last a lifetime. 

We know this is one healthy snack your kids will be thanking you for for a very long time!


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